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 Call for Nominations for Members of the Address Council
 This is a call for nominations of individuals to serve as members of the 
 Address Council, a body that is to be established under the authority of 
 the Address Supporting Organization (ASO).
 This document describes the functions of the ASO, the Address Council and 
 the role of the council members, as well as describing the process that 
 will be followed in the selection of Address Council members. If you are 
 interesting in nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being 
 nominated as a member of the Address COuncil, please read through this 
 document carefully.
 1. The Address Supporting Organization
 The ASO will be created though a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that 
 will be executed between the current Regional Internet Registries and 
 ICANN. The ASO is to be a consensus-based advisory body established within 
 the ICANN Framework. The ICANN bylaws assign to the ASO the responsibility 
 for the development of global policies relating to the distribution and 
 registration of Interent address space, inter-domain routing identifiers 
 and that part of the DNS name space that is used to name these addresses 
 and identifiers.
 Normally, proposals for global policies within the area of ASO 
 responsibility will be developed within context of the RIRs' policy 
 development forums, and then forwarded to ICANN through the ASO. 
 Submissions by interested parties and other ICANN bodies will also be 
 considered by this organization.
 The ASO is also responsible for the appointment of a number of Directors to 
 ICANN, in accordance with the bylaws of ICANN.
 The ASO will conduct its business in an open and transparent fashion.
 2. The Address Council
 The Address Supporting Organization will create an Address Council to 
 manage its business functions. Each RIR will select 3 individuals to serve 
 as members of the Address Council.
 The members of the Address Council will manage the process of the 
 development of policy in areas defined as being the responsibility of the 
 ASo, using the MoU-defined procedures as a guideline. Specifically, this 
 will include the periodic hosting of an open General Assembly of the ASO, 
 as well as the management of policy development activities.
 The other major aspect of the role of the Address Council is the 
 appointment of Directors to the ICANN Board of Directors. The Address 
 Council will follow the procedures described in the MoU, using an open call 
 for nominations and an open process of selection.
 3. The Role of Members of the Address Council
 Each member of the Address Council is expected to serve for a period of 3 
 years. The initial terms of appointment will be staggered terms of 1, 2 and 
 3 years to ensure that one third of the Address Council is appointed each year.
 No member of the Address Council shall be entitled to any compensation or 
 reimbursement of expenses from the ASO. No member of the Address Council 
 shall be imdemnified by the ASO, nor will the ASO obtain insurance coverage 
 relating to the liability of the actions of members of the Address Council.
 Council members shall not represent any RIR, nor shall they act as a 
 representative of any other body. The Council members are appointed in 
 their individual capacity, and their membership shall not be proxied by any 
 other individual or organization.
 One of the major tasks for the initial members of the Address Council shall 
 be the development of appropriate open and transparent processes relating 
 to the appointment of future members of the Address Council, and the 
 adoption of procedures for the selection of appointments to the ICANN Board 
 of Directors.
 4. Address Council Nominations Process
 Three individuals from the Asia Pacific Region will be selected to serve as 
 initial members of the Address Council. The selection will be made from the 
 set of individuals who have been nominated within this process.
 Any individual may be nominated within this process, with the exception of 
 any staff member of any Regional Internet Registry. Self-nominations are 
 Please complete the following questionnaire and send to
 aso-nominations at 
        Name of Nominee
        Email Address
        Postal Address
        Phone number
        Biographical information: (highlighting demonstration of track
                     record of serving Internet community in ARIN's region)
       Motivation for nomination
 All nominations are to be emailed to the above address on or before 
 September 24, 1999.
 All nominees will be contacted via email to confirm their willingness to 
 serve as an Address Council member. If the nominee is not contactable via 
 email then the nomination will not be confirmed.
 All confirmed nominations will be listed on the APNIC web site as soon as 
 they are confirmed. A procedure to allow others to express support for 
 nominated individuals will be published on this web site.
 Due to the deadlines imposed by the ICANN Board, for this initial Address
 Council, ARIN's Board of Trustees will select three individuals to serve on
 the Address Council.
 The criteria for selection will include the individual's experience in 
 serving the Internet community, expressions of support, familiarity with
 the intended roles of ICANN and the ASO, and the role of ARIN, residence in
 either North or South America, Carribean or sub-Saharan Africa and support
 from the individual's employer to the time and resource commitment required
 to discharge the duties of this role.
 The selected individuals will be announced on the October 4, 1999.

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