NAIPR Message

NAIR: Organizational Meeting of Founders - Democracy in IP Allocation Policy

You are invited to attend the organizational meeting of the founders of
North American Internet Registry, Inc. The proposed date and time for the
organizational meeting is July 30, 1997 at 12:00 CDT.

If you can not attend, please propose an alternate date and time.

You are also requested to provide input with regard to the format of the
organizational meeting, namely:

1. conducting the meeting on the nair-founders at list
2. use of other software, e.g., chat, mud, NetMeeting, etc.
3. use of teleconference facilities
4. your suggestions

Robert's Rules of Order can be found at

Your costs as a founder of NAIR should be minimal.  Each founder's out of
pocket organizational costs should be approximately $100 divided by the
number of founders.  Pro bono legal services are available for incorporation.

This cost estimate does not cover an organizational meeting conducted by
teleconference.  In that case, we presume each founder would cover their
costs to join the teleconference.

Without wishing to shape NAIR beyond my one vote, but rather to summarize
and convey thoughts to date, NAIR will likely:

o be a democratically operated member-based cooperative of ISPs and other
entities which desire PI space with which to multihome in a fashion which
maintains or improves the health of the net
o function as an ISPAC or a modified ISPAC
o subcontract back office functions with a goal of maximum reliability and
integrity of the databases associated with operation of NAIR
o function as a "buying group" in negotiations with NSPs for multihoming
o operate as a for profit corporation and registry, paying dividends to the
o offer prefixes to members in the range of /16 to /25
o seek permission of the IANA to conduct a 1 year experiment, annually
renewable if results warrant, in a /8 mas o menos
o result in only 1 prefix being added to core routers, if the original
allocation and reservation by the IANA is sufficient to meet the needs of
NAIR members.  

We hope to see you at the organizational meeting or receive your
constructive suggestions regarding NAIR.

Thanks for your participation to date.  As mentioned earlier, please invite
your friends and associates to join nair-founders at  Information
regarding how to join the mailing list can be found at <>.

Best regards,

Larry Vaden