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deflating fleming was Re: Hijack ?

On Friday, July 18, 1997 7:08 AM, Gordon Cook[SMTP:cook at] wrote:

@ Jimmy: This is a private company launching another private company
@ to apparently "inherit" U.S. Government assets (IPv4 Addresses)
@ to use to their financial advantage.
@ Cook:  this is a lie on two accounts.  ARIN is not a private comapny and
@ it won't be using IP address for it's financial advantage.

Is it going to be a public company ?
I have heard suggestions that it will have an IPO, but I assumed
that was not being pursued.

Without those IP addresses, ARIN can not sell, or lease them.
ARIN can also not offer services for financial compensation.
Are you saying that this will be volunteers ?

If not...
What will the salaries be of ARIN employees ?
Where will those employees be coming from ?

Again, you have dodged the question of whether you
benefit financially from ARIN. Why is that ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation