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Democracy and InterNIC/APNIC/RIPE-NCC

On Friday, July 18, 1997 6:02 AM, Scott Bradner[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ > All people here is ARIN is like APNIC and RIPE
@ > and they are now tax collectors that are feeding
@ > funding back to the IANA. 
@ so now it is not the unpaid ARIN board members that are in it 
@ for the money it is the iana building a pile to retire on?
@ crap - total crap
@ the only thing that I and the other ARIN bot members are getting for
@ our involvement is the honor of having Jim Flemming accuse us of
@ gold digging - an honor I could do without
@ Scott

According to Gordon Cook, you are not even on the Board.
The Board consists of three Network Solutions, Inc. employees.

Also, of course ARIN is going to have ceremonial people
on the Board to lend legitimacy to their venture. Many
companies do that. This is not new.

Maybe you can review why each of the Board members
were selected ?

Who represents Africa ?
Who represents Canada ?
Who represents South America ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation