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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations

On Friday, July 18, 1997 9:12 AM, John LeRoy Crain[SMTP:John.Crain at] wrote:
@ Hello Jim,
@  * 
@  * For example, recently InterNIC, APNIC and RIPE were
@  * all given new /8 allocations at the same time. Where was
@  * the public discussion of why these three registries were
@  * given these resources ? Also, people claim that the
@  * regional registries like APNIC have to apply and justify
@  * just like anyone else. It seems odd that ALL THREE
@  * would simultaneously need new /8s, and just when the
@  * DOJ and the FTC started to investigate these matters.
@ I can assure you that the reason the RIPE-NCC requested more space,
@ and got it, was because it was needed to continue allocating addresses
@ to our registries. 

Fine...and ALL THREE regional registries just happened to
run out at the same time....correct ?....I guess it did not
have anything to do with the DOJ and FTC "heat"...correct ?

By the way...where is the Regional Registry for...

South America
Mexico and Central America
Australia and New Zealand

to name a few...


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation