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Hijack ?

On Thursday, July 17, 1997 6:38 PM, Robert T. Nelson[SMTP:rnelson at] wrote:
@ > I suggest that there has been little response to the issues I raise.  I
@ > think Gordon, has been the exception and has genuinely tried to nudge
@ > the process in the right direction.  Instead of dealing with my points,
@ > people questioned my motivation and accused me of attacking the Net. 
@ > That, I do not accept.  
@ I do not question your motivation. I presume that you do what you feel is
@ best (difficult as that may be to discern, given issues like this one) for
@ you and your business. I believe that you raise important points, however
@ I also think that theyu are somewhat misdirected. I think you would be
@ better off (on the IP Space issue) pushing for ARIN to be formed, and and
@ working to see to it that all of us Netizens out here are protected from
@ entities who try to hijack the process.

ARIN is currently three people from Network Solutions, Inc.
This is a private company launching another private company
to apparently "inherit" U.S. Government assets (IPv4 Addresses)
to use to their financial advantage.

While this is going on, NSI is launching an IPO to raise
money to fund more private ventures.

Are people really supposed to sit around like fools and
watch this ?.....while you describe anyone that objects
as a "hijacker"...?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation