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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN


Not sure how being obnoxious helps you argue your case, but I'm sure
it makes sense to you.

However, if you look at my question, you'll see that the definition of
democracy doesn't quite apply.

I will ask yet again:

_Within the context of IP address allocation_, what exactly do you
mean by "a democratic process"?  Please be specific.

>At 12:36 PM 7/18/97 +0900, David R. Conrad wrote:
>>>I want to be subject to a REPRESENTATIVE system.  And, I suggest that it
>>>should be created in a democratic process--a vote of the governed or of
>>>some broadly representative group. =20
>>Again, I ask: within the context of IP address allocation, what
>>exactly do you mean by "a democratic process"?  Please be specific.
>Main Entry: dem=B7o=B7crat=B7ic
>Pronunciation: "de-m&-'kra-tik
>Function: adjective
>Date: 1602
>1 : of, relating to, or favoring democracy
>2 often capitalized : of or relating to one of the two major political
>parties in the U.S. evolving in the early 19th century from the
>anti-federalists and the Democratic-Republican party and associated in
>modern times with policies of broad social reform and internationalism
>3 : relating to, appealing to, or available to the broad masses of the
>people <democratic art>
>4 : favoring social equality : not snobbish