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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

At 08:14 PM 7/17/97 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
>> these are fundamental issues which must be correctly resolved in order
>> to guarantee the good health and proper functioning of the system.  If
>> we organize correctly in the beginning
>This may come as a bit of a surprise.  The beginning was some decades ago.

There's no doubt Mr. Weisberg was referring to the beginning of ARIN, which
was hardly "some decades ago".

Please don't be silly here, either.

>From NANOG earlier today:

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>> 2. Please don't grow up; you're more fun this way...
>Nah.  I owe Perry an apology for getting silly in public.  We both know that
>is a non-trivial problem.