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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

MR Nelson and all,

Robert T. Nelson wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Gordon Cook wrote:
> > I am not sure what Eric Weisberg thought he was accomplishing by this
> > post. I am sure that he did succeed in causing me to loose respect for his
> > modus operandi.
> >
> [SNIP]
> >
> > It seems to me sir that not having gotten what your client wants by way of
> > address assignments, you are now determined to use the public lists of the
> > internet to do whatever you can to undermine the credibility of those
> > involved with the IP allocation process. I have seen other folk advocate
> > the use of lawyers to whip the internet in shape. It has failed up to this
> > point and I think it will continue to fail. You appear to me to believe
> > differently. That is your prerogative.
> In the FWIW department, this is precisely what has been seen on the
> nair-founders at mailing list. I, along with some 30-50 other
> people were invited to become founding members of North American Internet
> Registry. (We were subscribed to this distribution list without our
> consent.) When I questioned the folks at Internet Texoma ( what
> their (NAIR's) purpose was, I was told "that will be decided by democratic
> process".
> What later became clear, is that Internet Texoma feels that it has been
> wronged by the IP Address Assignment policies, and desires to do anythin
> possible to force anyone who can to give them globally routeable address
> space. I don't belive that their customer-base is sufficient to permit
> such an assignment (though I do not know for sure)

  I don't believe that this is the perpose of NAIR, first of all.  And I
find it highly questionable to anyone who has followed the dialog to
be able to make any such claim.  But I will let other members of NAIR
answer your comment here.  Members, you are being challanged!  What 
> Several prolific writers on mail-lists and USENet have tossed their hats
> into the ring with the Texoma folks, including Jim Fleming, and Jeff
> Walker.
> This group seems to feel that Jon Postel is the dictator of the Internet,
> and everything that goes across his desk becomes part of a general
> conspiracy by IANA/NSI/IAHC//ARIN to make the Internet their personal
> fiefdom. This is also virtually the same group detracting from the
> discussion over DNS issues.

  Yes, many oar the same folks that felt and do feel that there is some
rather inconsistantcies in the current policies reguarding the gTLD-MoU.
This is not suprising in that there is some realationship. 
> I would like to suggest to the folks at Internet Texoma and NAIR that they
> become fully aware of the bodies and policies that affect their business,
> and attempt to use them to their advantage before they decide that "It's
> bullshit, and a conspircay to take money out of my pocket".

  Well the contract that is posted SURE is circumspect at the very
> Because most of the founding members of NAIR are given to responding to
> messages on the Net BEFORE they have read and digested them, NAIR is
> doomed to be regarded as irrelevant by the rest of the Internet. Because
> they only seem to try to derail progress of Internet Development, instead
> of working *with* the Internet Community, they will go down not as Leader
> of the Internet Community (ala Vint Cerf/Vixie/Postel/) but as detractors
> from the common good (ala AlterNIC)

  As I remember Vixie, was not a fan of the current DNS policies set
in the gTLD-MoU.  But I will no belabour that point.  I and many others
in NAIR have read an gongested this information VERY thourly, and find
several points of concern which have been posted quite clearly and 
consisely on this and other mailing lists.
> I hope that Vaden, Weisberg, Fleming, Walker, etc think carefully about
> these points, and perhaps they might find people more williing to listen
> to their ideas.

  I agree.  And I believe that some of the ideas put forth by Larry,
Jim, Eric,
and others have great value.  As such it would seem likely that others
will also.
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