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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

Jim Fleming supposedly said:
> On Thursday, July 17, 1997 1:11 PM, Philip J. Nesser II[SMTP:pjnesser at] wrote:
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> @ Members will shape the way ARIN operates, but it has to get to the point of
> @ being able to accept members before they can take that responsibility.
> @ The proposed BOT has long been known, and Gordon is not one of them.  There
> @ are however many, including Gordon (and I) who are supporters of ARIN
> @ because we believe in its goals and its necessity.
> @ 
> When will ARIN be operational ?

After Gordon's phone call it seems that Kim will be able to make regular
status reports and we will know.

> When will ISPs be assigned IP addresses ?

My guess is once ARIN is operational they will start assigning IP
addresses.  Sort of like when the McDonalds opened down the street I was
then able to get a burger from it.

> How has NSI and the IRS handled the valuation of
> the IP addresses that ARIN is being "given" ?

Why don't you ask NSI and the IRS.  I don't presume to speak for them, but
I suspect they are handled the same way they have always been, and the same
way RIPE and APNIC handle them, and the way Sprint handles them, and the
way Joe's ISP handles them, and the way every other company handles them.
I suspect that each company handles them slightly differently, but most
don't because they aren't typically considered assets.  If and when a new
standard accounting practice is published by XXX( the group that publishes
accounting practices who currently escapes me) then it will change.

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