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Peasants ?

On Wednesday, July 09, 1997 3:32 PM, Gordon Cook[SMTP:cook at NETAXS.COM] wrote:
@ On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Larry Vaden wrote:
@ > Sounds like the French aristocracy doesn't think the French peasants are
@ > qualified enough to be on the initial board.  
@ well you have finally done it.  i who all my life have been left of
@ center.... a student of the russian revolution.....hereby declare myself
@ an aristocrat.  good show mate.   you are damned right that the peasants
@ aren't qualified to be on the board.....becasue guess what the peasants
@ don't have the expertise!!


Can you describe who the "peasants" are ?

Also, can you expand on the qualifications of the
ARIN Board Members ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation