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a 2nd potential solution


Larry Vaden wrote:
> At 04:35 PM 7/16/97 -0700, Tony Li wrote:
> >
> >   >One should then complain about the behavior of ARIN, in much the same way
> >   >that one would complain about the behavior of a governmental department.
> >
> >   That didn't work with NSI. An unaccountable monopoly is a bad thing.
> >
> >First of all, NSI is hardly an unaccountable monopoly.  It has some
> >supervision and it certainly has customers.  Those who object to the way
> >that NSI was and is run have not yet made a reasonable and effective case
> >against the status quo.  Note that 'yelling louder' or' repeating yourself
> yet
> >again' or 'not listening to others' or 'arguing with me' are neither
> >reasonable nor effective.
> One thing that bothers me about the current environment is the continued
> reference to various people as "clueless".  Yet, I read (if memory serves
> correctly) that NSI/InterNIC has billed only 50% of the domains and has cut
> off fully paid domains (no need to read about this part, it happened to us
> `[:((.
> It is hard for me to imagine even a die hard old timer supporting a firm
> with such a record.

  Couldn't agree more.
> Thus my suggestion that NAIR might want to use a Big 6 Accounting Firm or a
> firm like EDS to do the back office functions.

  Possibly a big 6 firm.  But I would stay away form EDS if it were
me in their possition, knowing what I do about EDS.  At any rate, there
seems to be several problems that are I am sure obvious to all.  One
is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  The
other obvious one is that the legal talent is deffinatly lacking.

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