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"Competing" registries (was Re: A new American registry? - Welcome to discussions)

On Tuesday, July 15, 1997 4:21 PM, Gordon Cook[SMTP:cook at] wrote:
@ here is one other argument:
@ - do you want two or more registeries who live
@ off of their fees compeeting with each other?  the tempation
@ would sure be there to reduce the requirements and make addresses
@ easer to get - and starting down the road of running out of addresses
@ again

Are you implying that ARIN, APNIC and RIPE will
be fixing prices to make sure that they will not
have to compete and will continue to eat ? you have any financial interests in these matters ?

@ -- as to your questions about restraint of trade, I thought I handled them
@ in my scenario.  it is a possibility and one that can in my opinion be
@ settled only in court.  If larry is unwlling to sit back and give arin a
@ chance, he should take matters to court.  his present scenario looks to me
@ like an effort to build an IP number version of ALTERNIC.
@ in my opinion unjustified and a waste of time.

The AlterNIC is just one of several Root Name Server
Confederations. Why not build ARIN and several other alternatives ?
Maybe Canada would like to get into the Registry Industry ?
Is Viriginia the only State allowed to "tax" the Internet ?

Why don't you report on where you stand with ARIN...?
Are you in the U.S. or Ruissia ? Where is the planning being done ?
What is your role in the planning. When you refer to "we" in
your reports, does that include the ARIN Board members ?

In one of your reports[1] you claim that making ARIN part of
a public review process via the "Federal Registry" would "kill ARIN".
Why would having something reviewed by the public kill it ?
Is there something that is being hidden ?

[1] @@@

"We passed this data along to the appropriate technical leadership
of the net, went to Russia and waited for more news. When it came
it was that a succession of technical folk had done the educating
called for but that amazingly ARIN had been thrown a new curve.
The feds were now insisting it be announced in the Federal Registry
before it was formed. We were told that this new delay would kill
ARIN, and that worse, it was doing nothing to solve the authority
problems of the IANA."


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation