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Like Mother Nature in Simplicity

On Friday, July 11, 1997 1:45 PM, Richard J. Sexton[SMTP:richard at] wrote:
@ At 07:31 PM 7/8/97 -0500, Larry Vaden wrote:
@ >Why not give RIPE a /8 for distribution to US customers who feel they want
@ >to do business with RIPE and just end the geographical monoply?
@ >
@ >Likewise for APNIC.
@ >
@ >Submit a PO to RIPE for 2000 ECU and get the /19.
@ >
@ >What could be simpler?
@ >
@ >Everything but zip code of RIPE customer has already been approved.
@ Wasnt this the logic that prompted IAHC's DNS plan ? I find it curious
@ that the poeple here who argued FOR this method with the DNS will
@ now poo poo this idea to death.

That is because they do not want any alternatives
to ARIN. They want a monopoly on the North American
IP address allocation market.

Of course, it will not be called a monopoly, it will just
be the only organization that has any inventory of
IP address resources.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation