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Which ISPs are Qualified ?

I actually asked the same question in my *first* post regarding charging
for IP.  I don't trust anyone enough to be collecting the money.  The
only semi-reasonable thing I could think of would be to regularly
appoint an international charitable organization to
collect/receive/disburse the monies as they saw fit.  This of course has
its own problems.

Any ideas what to do with collected monies and who would do the

Vince Wolodkin

Geoff Huston wrote:
> >> Oh, we'll build it, but the question is, can the vast number of
> >> people afford it?
> >>
> >> - paul
> >
> >There's the rub:-)  And this is the crux of the matter.  I hate to start
> >recommending charging per IP address, or charging for table entries but
> >that may well become necessary.  I mean, it is important enough to us to
> >be willing to PAY for it.  I don't need or even want a /19, I just want
> >to be routeable so I can go through 2 or three different provider's.
> >
> >Paying seems to be the easiest way to sort the mess out, though it
> >wouldn't conserve address space well unless you charge everyone who ever
> >got an IP assignment and encourage them to renumber or pay the price.  A
> >lot of class B's behind firewalls would be turned in right away.
> Gee this sounds familiar. Yes you can use a charging mechanism to
> undertake distribution function. Indeed you can get most of the
> bits and pieces working in tune with engineering requirements.
> And, as you say,  it will sort out a lot of this mess as you are using a payment
> function to do the task that is currently being undertaken
> using purely administrative functions which themselves tend to raise the ire
> of many in terms of consistency and appropriateness of the
> adminstrative function.
> So far so good.
> But what the hell do you do with the money that's collected?
> (and "Add to the NSF/NSI Internet Infrastructure Fund" is not considered
>   a valid answer!)
>   Geoff