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No us gov't funding for ARIN was RE: Working Draft with Kim Hubbard Amendment

>I was taken aback because this conflicted with what I had earlier been
>told. I checked with several sources who have first hand knowledge and
>have assured me that the following statement is accurate
>NSI, at the December (1996) IETF, offered to provide TRANSITION funding of
>the startup and staffing of ARIN. They legally committed themselves to do
>this as a part of their year 5 program plan with NSF. They are now
>carrying out that commitment. The costs involved will be significantly
>greater that the $300K total figure in Michael dillon's post here this
>evening. These costs include ZERO US government funds.

I've got to learn to stop trusting the press :-)

Now that I read over again I see
that they have ARIN and IANA all garbled up together.


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