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Ben elgin is just about as clueful as the posts hilzenrath was Re: Experts question funding, structure of IP allocation entity

Nice try Larry but you strike out and so does Ben Elgin.

David McClure of the association of on line professionals has been ranting
against arin for months.  What's more I submit that mcClure's organization
is irrelevant to the ISP industry.

Next point.  Elgin ought to learn who to spell John Currans name
correctly!  It is not spelled Currin.

Next point. "levy fees on ISPs and others who register addresses"???
Whose he kidding?  this is not dns.   you do not register addresses....and
he ignores the fact that the ticket to enter arin if you don't get an
IP block is only a 1000 bucks.

Next point:  InterNic is NOT the current registrar of domain names - thus 
Elgin's statement that "industry sources do not believe its domain
registration fees  would go down enough to substantially offset the new
ARIN costs" is rather ludicrous.

next point:  mcclure thinks he knows better than than NSI lawyers what the
IRS will approve by way of a non interesting to know what his
qualifications are for that.

next point: Elgin must have been talking to jim fleming because he talks
about off setting arins costs with DNS registration fees.  This is a false
assertion.  When arin's transition is finished at the beginning of next
year it will be financially on its own.  Elgin hasn't figured out that we
are talking about an entity not owned operated and controled by NSI.

next point: the only outsider besides mcClure with any cAution about arin
quoted by name is PSI's tony kelly - director of corporate marketing. beg
pardon but i question kelly's standing to be an authoratative arin critic.
bill schrader the PSI founder and CEO....yes.   kelly no.

Larry we understand you want you PI 19/ but please choose you articles
that claim to show that things are rotten within ARIN more carefully.
Elgin is about as clueful as hizenrath.

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On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Larry Vaden wrote:

> >From <>
> However, the continued reliance on appointing board and council members as
> outlined in the ARIN document, has many industry insiders wondering if new
> blood and fresh ideas will be able to gain power within the organization.