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Which ISPs are Qualified ?

At 03:00 PM 07/09/97 -0400, Vince Wolodkin wrote:

>If enough people had a reason to get a thousand people on a bus, you can
>bet your ass GMC would be building one.  I represent a business that
>wants to have 24 hour uninterrupted connectivity to the net, because
>that is our business.  The only way I can come close to that is
>multi-homing with multiple providers.  Unless I get at least a /19, I
>cannot do this casue I will be filtered because Cisco's router's can't
>handle enough routes to give everyone PI space.  It's not Cisco's fault
>that they can't keep up with the growth of the Internet, at least I
>wasn't saying that.
>But when it comes down to it, the reason I cannot be multi-homed is
>because the big backbone routers are running out of table space.  If
>this is untrue, why can't I get a routeable /24?

Oh, we'll build it, but the question is, can the vast number of
people afford it?

- paul