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Which ISPs are Qualified ?

On Wed, 09 Jul 1997 14:15:55 EDT, Vince Wolodkin said:
> Problem with the "Turing" test is that it is to subjective.  I would
> agree that Kim could likely tell who knew but in the long run, this
> method CANNOT work because it has the "appearance" of impropriety.  If
> you want to certify people you are going to have to come up with a test.

You know, that same thought occurred to me while I was at lunch.  Although
it would be easy to get it to 95% accuracy, there's just too many people who
*sound* reasonable, but turn out to be raving psychotics with delusions
about black helicopters, spaceships hiding in comets, or what have you.

Hell, we've got our fair share on the NAIPR list. ;)

/Valdis (who is intentionally not naming names.  You know who you are, and
the secret message for today is "The cow has infested the church steeple" ;)

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