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IP allocation policies

On Wednesday, July 09, 1997 10:38 AM, Larry Vaden[SMTP:vaden at] wrote:
@ Jim,
@ There's a member of the discussion who is a journalist, Gordon Cook.
@ Perhaps Gordon would agree to ask the "who, what, where, why and when?"
@ questions a good journalist so often poses and reports on.

Gordon Cook appears to be one of the people helping to
organize ARIN....I do not think that falls under "journalism"...


"In April ARIN was back on track and headed for a September 1 opening,
when, suddenly at the beginning of May, we received word that ARIN
was once again on hold. Why? Because OMB had decided to fix the
problems of IP. The only problem was that the underlying problems, which
are technical, are not administratively "fixable", and the people sitting
around the Inter Agency DNS Task Force table either didn't know it
or would not admit it. After sending scathing private mail to an
administration official, we received a reply on May 11 that told us worlds
about the problem. "As far as I know -- the only outstanding objection
to ARIN is whether they are dealing with number portability.?
Certainly -- number portability is critical in the telephony context to
promoting competition - so people are asking -- why not portability
for Internet? If you have any recommendations for people on the
technical side - I'd appreciate it." 

We passed this data along to the appropriate technical leadership
of the net, went to Russia and waited for more news. When it came
it was that a succession of technical folk had done the educating
called for but that amazingly ARIN had been thrown a new curve.
The feds were now insisting it be announced in the Federal Registry
before it was formed. We were told that this new delay would kill
ARIN, and that worse, it was doing nothing to solve the authority
problems of the IANA."


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation