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Eric Weisberg wrote:
> I am not commenting on the quality of the ARIN board of trustees but on
> the organic process involved.  I strongly object to the way ARIN's board
> is annointed.  It is not chosen by the members but by NSI.  That
> annointed board then appoints the advisory council from which new BoT
> members will come in the future.  This is not my idea of democracy.
> Immediate change in this structure should be non-negotiable, in my
> opinion. If immediate change to some representational form of governance
> does not occur, there are all kinds of avenues to pursue.  We need to
> start discussing them.

  I agree completly.
> Thus, I believe that Jim's point should not be dismissed out of hand.
> Are there any other thoughts down this line?  Frankly, I think we should
> be exploring several alternatives simultaneously in case ARIN can not be
> reformed.

  Yes, I believe I posted those earlier.  But one of them ws that
all board members should be elected by the members/stockholders.
That those Members serve both the members and the user community.

  These are just general principals however.  If you like, I will look
back up my post reguarding "Principals" thread, and repost?  Comments?

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> Jim Fleming wrote:
> >
> > On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 6:18 PM, Justin W. Newton[SMTP:justin at] wrote:
> > @
> > @ The ISP/C currently has no interest of becoming a registry.  We do intend
> > @ to be involved in helping the registries form their policies, as well as
> > @ representing the ISP community to the registries, but have no interest in
> > @ performing the role ourselves.
> > @
> > @ Justin "Speaking for the ISP/C" Newton
> > @
> >
> > That is too bad....maybe some other ISP-oriented organization
> > will realize the importance of this role...
> >
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> > Jim Fleming
> > Unir Corporation

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