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PI/19 allocations to multihomed ISPs was Re: pagans...

Ken i agree with everything you say.  And I take my hat off to one of the
minority voices of reason on this list.  In naming you and jsutin i was
trying to capture the idea of clueful representative of the smaller ISPs.

I thing the arin board is pretty darned represenative of the net
considering it is only five people.

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On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Ken Leland wrote:

> Gordon wrote.
> > Telage is an honorable man but unfortunately in my opinion, he does not 
> > "grok" the internet.  I do think the arin board would have a better
> > composition with justin newton or ken leland there in place of telage.
> 			            ^^^^^^^^^^		
> Thank you very much Gordon, but I haven't made the many years of personal 
> blood sweat and tears contribution/innovation in the basic net makeup
> -RFC's etc- that our community looks for and *needs* in an ARIN trustee. 
> This is the prime reason why most of us don't think our current Trustees 
> Scott, Randy et al, will screw it up - They just have too much invested in 
> their labor of love - The Internet. Its the same reason we want Vixie
> making sure that DNS doesn't break, he would rather loose an arm than
> see that happen.
> > nevertheless Telage is spending a million dollars to cut arin loose
> > so I guess they figured it would be impolite to keep him off.
> > Still if he had stayed off it would have had a positive impact on NSIs
> > image in my opinion.
> > 
> On the other hand, his staying does make some sense from a transition 
> standpoint.
> ken