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PI/19 allocations to multihomed ISPs was Re: pagans...

Eric sez:
I strongly object to the way ARIN's board
is annointed.  It is not chosen by the members but by NSI.  That
annointed board then appoints the advisory council from which new BoT
members will come in the future.

>From what i know....or at least think I know....the ARIN board was most
definitely NOT chosen by NSI.  Why do you think it was?  because telage
the NSI president is on it?

Telage is an honorable man but unfortunately in my opinion, he does not 
"grok" the internet.  I do think the arin board would have a better
composition with justin newton or ken leland there in place of telage.
nevertheless Telage is spending a million dollars to cut arin loose
so I guess they figured it would be impolite to keep him off.
Still if he had stayed off it would have had a positive impact on NSIs
image in my opinion.

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