NAIPR Message

Forcible reclamation?

> >In terms of when one hits the wall on #1, Frank Solensky of FTP Software
> >has been doing projections for a couple of years regarding when address
> >space prefixes run out.  And he's projecting a very long time (the year
> >2015 sticks in my mind) for exhausion of classic class b and c chunks. His
> >last projection is perhaps a close to a year out of date.  (One would hope
> >that ipv6 or nat would be more widely deployed by then ;-)
> >
> Franks' projections were based on total allocations, and I do not
> believe any of the ISI reclamation efforts were factored into
> the projection.

Franks projections were done w/o any consideration of reclaimation.