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Forcible reclamation?

On Tuesday, July 08, 1997 3:09 AM, Jeff Williams[SMTP:jwkckid1 at] wrote:
@ Jon and all,
@ Jon Lewis wrote:
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@ > On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Karl Auerbach wrote:
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@ > > If a block is not being advertised, then it is not filling router table
@ > > space.
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@ > > And since our underlying problem is router table space, not the number
@ > > prefixes available, revocation won't help fix the underlying problem.
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@ > If there were no shortage of address space, every multihomed ISP could be
@ > given a /19 :)
@   Agreed.  That is why we should be looking at adding more address space
@ as a priority rather than imposing restrictions on allocations as a
@ priority.  I agree that if we can reclaim space that is not being used,
@ than this avenue should of course be exploited.  BUT FIRST and FORMOST
@ providing new and additional address space should be the #1 priority.
@ This however does not seem to be the case according to the tennor of
@ the discussion on this list, nor form statments made by Board members
@ of ARIN.

ARIN is one company of several companies. It appears
that it has been formed by Network Solutions, Inc. and SAIC
as part of the grand evolution plan they have developed in
conjunction with the National Science Foundation to dismantle
the InterNIC by March of 1998.

To place all of the responsibility for the IPv4 Core Transport
Network address space management on ARIN would not be wise.
ARIN is supposed to have a small portion of the address space.
Unfortunately, no one has ever described precisely what part
of the address space will be delegated to ARIN.

There are other organizations, with more experience, more
stability, and better customer service than ARIN who could
be delegated parts of the IPv4 address space for management.
In my opinion people and companies should be working to
cultivate those companies. We should have a dozen ARINs
in the U.S. alone.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation