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Reviewing Opposed to Regulating Before

On Saturday, July 05, 1997 2:32 PM, Randy Bush[SMTP:randy at] wrote:
@ > There are too many government agencies looking to get their hands on this
@ > sort of thing for ARIN to do anything but its very best.
@ Onbe hopes ARIN will do its best because the folk involved have a sense of
@ stewardship and a real concern for the industry.  Because it seems that the
@ government has wisely opted out.

The government has wisely (?) decided to "review" AFTER the
fact as opposed to regulate BEFORE the fact.

They could not regulate that which they did not understand.
Also, it does not appear that they actually "decided". They
just failed to make decisions and clearly NSI is moving forward [1].

They will be able to review standard business practices and
the various laws that have helped to guide society for years.
There is already plenty to review and each day brings more
legacy, history, etc. The government agencies that are mandated
by the people to review government contracts, anti-trust, and
other issues are still in place and did not disappear with the
so-called approval of ARIN.

[1] ============

Recent Events in Internet History...

June 24, 1997
	NSF Approves ARIN

June 26, 1997
	Domain Registrations and IP Address Allocations Separate
	New Building Dedicated in Virginia for 150 NSI Employees

June 30, 1997
	The U.S. Goverment asks the public to comment on two year
	old issues involving the registration of Internet Domain Names
	rather than the current issues of why some companies are not
	allowed into the industry and allowed to compete with NSI and
	ARIN and why the U.S. Government blocks that entry.

July 3, 1997
	Network Solutions, Inc. Files for IPO with the SEC

July 4, 1997
	Landing on Mars
		Mars allocated S4.G7 in the IPv8 Address Space
		and assigned the Top Level Domain .MARS
		A "dig" of .MARS should yield an A RR of
		to allow IPv8 systems to discover which Galaxy
		and Stargate MARS uses.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation