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Continental Aggregation

Paul and all,

Paul Ferguson wrote:
> At 12:40 PM 07/04/97 -0400, Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> >
> >Which begs the question, will IPV4's inherent allocaiton and
> >resource shortage problems be fixed before it's replaced.
> >
> Some would argue that it is not broken, and simply replacing
> v4 with v6 will simply introduce a probelm in this regard
> (or amplify the problem, if you believe one exists).

  Well I guess I look at the IPV6 situation as a augment to
Ipv4 not a replacment initialy.  Than later a phase over to
all ipv6.  With this approach, you DO improve the situation
quickly for the short haul, and also provide a path for a more
long term fix.

  Putting the way you did, I have to agree, you really just 
add to the possibility of agravating the problem at least.
But as I invision Ipv6 form an implimentation standpoint,
you reduce or eliminate a IP problem and a political one
in one step.  And any time I can kill two birds with one
stone, it becomes a much better senerio in my mind.
> - paul

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