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pagans at principle #3


Larry Vaden wrote:
> At 10:05 AM 7/4/97 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
> >> 1/ how can you tell a pipedream from a real ISP?
> >
> >Real startup ISPs are too damn busy working their butts off at sales,
> >installation, and infrastructure to spend half their lives on mailing
> >lists.
> >
> >randy
> Purchasing department staff of ISPs covered by the regional monopolies of
> APNIC and RIPE submit a purchase order to APNIC or RIPE for membership and
> obtain a /19.
> With InterNIC, it is quite a different matter and that's why this
> discussion is going on.

  How true.
> Please list the reason(s) why InterNIC shouldn't adopt the RIPE policy when
> the doors open Monday and let ARIN work on the longer term solution.

  Good idea larry!


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