NAIPR Message

Some other principals

well, there is a diversion from what we were talking about, I'd
suggest that one thing be resolved at a time - we don't seem to
be doing well enough with the current topics to warrent adding new ones.


Lary and all,

  Here are some other principals for consideration...

 Here are a couple of other "Principals" I have picked up
in my life that may be of some assistance to all...  If I may
be so bold?

1.) Board members should serve at, and in the intrest of the membership
    and the user Internet user community, and therby be selected by
    to serve as long and only as long as they continue to SERVE the
    Membership and the Internet user community.

2.) That these board members, be selected, by vote, one man/woman one
    vote.  That they can be removed if that membership and Internet
    user community so choses at any time upon request of any member
    or user by proposition or request therunto.  This is to insure
    that those board members have the support of the majority of 
    all that are influenced, affected, or otherwise disposed.

3.) Be it resolved that all Board members, at large members are 
    also at the service of the Internet users, fo which the Internet
    exists as a community, for which those Board members and at 
    large members are deemed responsible too.  And that that
    be monitored, all policies be published as widely as is possible,
    that those meetings and other and all discussions be recorded, and
    published on a mailing list avalible to all Internet users.

4.) That the mailing list(S) be publicated on free public and other
    sources and a regular basis, so that Internet users are incouraged
    to monitor or participate.

5.) That that mailing list or mailing lists, have a code of conduct
    desinged for reasonable discourse, and those conduct be enforced
    in such a manner that it is fair and reasonable to all and reviewed
    on a bi-anual basis for improvment perposses.