NAIPR Message

Continental Aggregation

> There are plenty of cases of organizations which are geographically
> located in one place while their connectivity to the net is located
> somewhere else altogether.

This year it is getting even more serious.  We are seeing the countries who
had long-hauled to the States establishing more local backbones.

> In any event, geographic-based IP address allocation doesn't work
> within the scope of CIDR aggregation.

Anyone who talks geographic knows little about the net.  Even the level we
have now is painful.  

E.g. I am helping Togo set up, and they will likely connect to the US with
a RIPE (or provider) allocation.  This may make sense in the long run, when
there is an African backbone.  Right now, it's a bit painful. And, yes,
they expect to renumber the whole country.