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ARIN Board of Trustees

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Why isn't this discussion on the ARIN list ?

Because the discussion was about policy.  I probably should've copied it to the naipr list, though.

Also, which people from Network Solutions, Inc. will be
participating in ARIN ? What will their roles be ?


You mention that..."ARIN was just approved last week"...
Who "approved" it ?
What is their authority to approve it ?

Hmm, approved may have been the wrong word.  You can fill in whatever word you like.

Rather than describe ARIN as "approved", would it not
be more accurate to say that U.S. Government officials
agreed not to regulate BEFORE the fact, but instead to
review AFTER the fact...?


Kim Hubbard
InterNIC Registry

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 11:06 AM, Kim Hubbard[SMTP:kimh at] wrote:
@ There has been some question regarding whether the ARIN Board of Trustees cares about policy issues since
@ they are not responding enough to your liking to the policy discussions now taking place on the pagan list.
@ Please allow me to clarify a few things.
@ First of all, the proposed ARIN Board of Trustees is composed of *voluntary* members, each of whom have full
@ time and very responsible positions that keep them extremely busy.   They have spent an inordinate amount
@ of time and energy working to get ARIN approved and will need to continue doing so just to get it operational.
@ Needless to say, they do not have a lot of time to respond to the messages on the pagan mailing list.  I'm sure
@ they are reading each one and I know they do understand the problems and want to work on solving them.
@ Having said that, it is NOT the responsibility of the ARIN BoT to change the allocation policies.  The BoT have
@ clearly stated that this is the responsibility of the Advisory Council and the ARIN membership.  The BoT duties
@ are the management of the business affairs of ARIN.  
@ Since ARIN was just approved last week, we haven't had a lot of time to discuss the schedule, but my understanding
@ is that we will open up ARIN membership within the next 2 - 3 weeks.   The applications will ask whether you
@ would like to be nominated for a seat on the Advisory Council.  From those nominations, the BoT will select
@ the initial AC.  I would expect to have have an AC meeting as soon as possible after that, at the same time
@ establish an ARIN membership mailing list.  This will happen even before ARIN is operational.  
@ One of the issues I fully expect to be discussed at the first AC meeting is the issue currently under discussion.
@ Some of the proposals seem to be valid and should definitely be considered by the AC.  I expect the AC will
@ consider these proposals and others and be ready to present them to the ARIN membership either at the
@ first ARIN membership meeting or via the mailing list beforehand.
@ Bottom line, I understand this issue is very important to you, it's important to everyone.  Lord knows, my life
@ would be a lot easier if I could allocate /19s to every ISP that asked for it.  But it is not the role of the BoT, on
@ its own, to determine this.  Would you want them deciding this issue or any other, without the membership
@ involvement, if you didn't agree with it?
@ Please try to be a little more patient.
@ Thanks,
@ - Kim 

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation