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/20's for the needy

On Jul 1, Stephen Sprunk <spsprunk at> wrote: 

> I'm not after a separate-but-equal net; there are technical problems that
> creating said PI space would solve.  If done correctly, it would:
> ... Reduce routing table entries
> ... Reduce the effects of flap
> ... Reduce the "holes" in the large ISPs' PA blocks
> ... Reduce the number of unqualified AS's requesting RFC 2050 /19 blocks
> ... Make it easier for small ISPs to grow, fostering competition

	The important thing up there, though, is "if done correctly."
	How are we, the networking community, going to ensure that this
	/is/ done correctly?  There are really only two possibilities
	that I can think of (though, of course, they aren't mutually
	exclusive): education and punishment.

	By education I'm talking about things like Justin's post to
	NANOG the other day, where he was inviting people to volunteer
	to help the folks who, according to Tony's CIDR report, are
	having aggregation problems (or making mistakes.)

	And by punishment, we'd have to come up with fair but firm
	policies for revoking allocations or something like that.

	BTW, I'm not in any way convinced that these are the best or
	even the only ways to make something like this work...I'm
	really just brainstorming here.

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