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summing up, a plea for leadership & continued discussion

At 05:47 PM 7/1/97 -0400, Gordon Cook wrote:
>COOK: <snip> ... </snip> one might
>be well advised to sum up at the end of the suggestion period with
>something besides a blanket dismissal - if one is interested in any kind
>of a continuing dialog. 

Wayne Shirley <wshirley at>, chairman of the New Mexico PUC,

> Just a note here.  My involvement with the National Association of
>Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) has taught me that starting a
>"public" and "group" statement of principles can help move the flock
>along in the right direction.  It isn't very "action" oriented but it
>can provide a "soapbox" for pushing the right issues.

How about it?


Larry Vaden