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Invisible Hands, was Re: Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Stephen Satchell wrote:

> At 5:41 AM -0800 2/23/97, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> >I don't understand why you even bothering answering this dreck. It looks
> >like that instead of just placing a 'From:' filter on Fleming, I'm going
> >to have to filter any message that has a reference to him anywhere in the
> >message header, or message body, to get any satisfaction here.
> >
> >- paul
> Hey, why not remove *all* the pain and resign from naipr at  If you
> don't want to see the discussion, then don't.  That's the easiest.  If you
> don't remember how, we can help you find the instructions.
> One of the best things that ever happened to me in my career as a
> journalist was that I was forced to read *ALL* of the mail generated by my
> articles.  It taught me a number of things about how to present my views in
> a way that could be understood by the widest audience as quickly as



It is obvious that you have spent little or no time in inet-access or any
of the other lists that Fleming completely disrupts with his insane "IPv8"
and other drivel.  Personally, I can't understand why people still respond
to anything he says.

It is only a matter of time before you will completely empathise with
Paul.  Fleming is not part of a wide audience, he's just far, far wide.

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