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On Wednesday, February 26, 1997 11:29 AM, James A. Sumrall[SMTP:jims at] wrote:
@ I believe in creating a registry for each state. However, I don't agree with the
@ process mentioned below of letting the Senator's and Governor's decide who will 
@ handle the tasks. The less the government is involved the better. Exactly
@ how the
@ companies are decided, well that could be opened for discussion. The idea of
@ having
@ political figures decide leads me to believe special interest would soon
@ take control of
@ a number states, which in turn could harm the entire process. That is just
@ my opinion.

Have you considered spearheading an effort in your state ?

Can you describe the climate and how things could play out ?

Are there any large companies that have a /8 to donate to the cause ?

Are there any ISP groups or other groups you would recommend ?

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Unir Corporation

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