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On Wednesday, February 26, 1997 12:26 PM, Valdis.Kletnieks at VT.EDU wrote:
@ On Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:29:07 PST, you said:
@ > I believe in creating  a registry for  each state. However, I  don't
@ > agree with the process mentioned  below of letting the Senator's and
@ > Governor's decide who will
@ Unfortunately, the funding  model breaks down  here.  Just because you
@ can run ONE registry on $3M a year does *NOT* mean that you can run 50
@ registries on  $60,000 a year  each.  Also, given the  fact that we do
@ *NOT* have geographically-based IP address allocations now (nor are we
@ likely  to, given the   current   interconnect structure  between  the
@ long-haul   providers),  mandating 50  of    them may  be  worse  than
@ counter-productive,  causing non-aggregation  of  addresses that would
@ otherwise have been aggregable.

Spreading the registries out is for politcal and economic reasons.

It also allows companies to work with registry people they "like".

I expect someone to lease a block from Texas and run their ISP
in New York. The lease fees (and taxes) are sent to Texas. The
charges for a routing entry and service provider go via New York.

The routers may be in New Jersey. 

@ As a (probably  not unreasonable case)  what happens to a company that
@ has  its main  corporate offices in  Boston,  but maintains  a POP  in
@ Detroit and  NYC, but does most  of its packet interchange at MAE-East
@ in  Maryland?  Which state(s)  do they  ask  for allocations, and what
@ happens  if  they ask in Maryland,   and  need more  allocation due to
@ growth  in their   Detroit  operation?   The  Maryland  registry  will
@ probably be upset at having  "their" allocation hijacked, much as RIPE
@ propably would be unhappy at giving out address space for a US company
@ to use in the US....
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You have assumed that asking for allocations from Maryland
has something to do with routers and packets and services
in Maryland.

Do you have any idea how many people have formed
corporations in Delaware and have never set foot in
the State of Delaware ?

Delaware knows the "registry business"...they do not need routers...:-)

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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