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50 States of ARIN

I would suggest that you, as a new member to the list, go off for
a few hours and read the list archives. Most of us are weary of
rehashing the same old issues over and over and over again.

Then come back and ask again.  :-)

- paul

ps. Read the recommended reading list, too.

At 01:26 PM 2/28/97 -0800, steve wrote:

>Comments List Members:
>        As a new member to the list, and a non-engineer, it seems like
>creating more distributed services is in the spirit of what the internet is
>all about.  Hasn't the benefit to society of internet been in the
>facilitation of communications between individual people who use a computer
>to access digital energy from some humanly influenced (or created) source?
>        If so, facilitating communications by 'opening up' or changing the
>paradigm of central-control to decentralized-control seems to follow all of
>the trends that are occurring technologically (smaller, faster, cheaper,
>lighter, easier for users), as well as on the organizational levels
>(empowerment of workers, incentivizing workers etc.)
>        I'd like to see (or hear) the discussion list members comments.  If
>one follows this line of thinking and logic by observing what is and has
>been occurring in the real world, then the idea of cloning seems to make
>sense because the more access points, the "richer" the diverse benefits
>which might accrue to the overall "system" can be.  This unpredictabililty
>is exactly what caused all of the excitement when Netscape entered the
>picture as a counter-balance to the centrally-controlled "CommerceNet
>Consortium", whose purpose was to 'manage and control' the evolution of
>commercial activity on the 'net.
>        As we have seen, CommerceNet has had their relevance taken away by
>forces which are controllable, Netscape ushered into existence a vibrant
>industry where lots of companies have been formed, and value created.  This
>seems to be a similar process taking place with IP Numbers.  Having
>witnessed the painful process which CommerceNet had gone through, I would
>hate to see ARIN make the same mistakes.  Unfortunately, after briefly
>scanning the Proposal, I recognized some of the same flawed tendency to
>lean toward the 'central control' model, which has been shown NOT to work.
>        I anxiously await comments.
>        Steve (510-227-1650)