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50 States of ARIN

On Friday, February 28, 1997 5:25 AM, David Schwartz[SMTP:davids at WIZNET.NET] wrote:
@ On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ > Can ARIN discussion list members comment on using
@ > to for 50 clones of the InterNIC
@ > to allocate /18 blocks to ISPs in the United States ?
@ 	1) Just becuase you're asking a question of "ARIN discussion list 
@ members" doesn't mean your question has anything to do with ARIN. This 
@ list would be an inappropriate place for me to ask Kim Hubbard what she 
@ has for breakfast despite Kim's association with ARIN.
@ 	2) That's an incredibly large block of IP address to grant to US 
@ registries when there's a big planet out there. Do we next allocate 
@ dozens of /8's throughout Europe? And then Asia?

Again, please separate USAGE from the Registry that manages
the space and collects fees for that management.

What happened to all this..."the Internet is International" stuff...?

Why can't a few people in a small office in Maine manage the
space being USED in other places in the world ?

If you are a Senator in Maine or a citizen of Maine, and a taxpayer
in Maine, wouldn't you want the lease fees to be paid into Maine ?

@ 	3) IPv4 space is a scarce resource. The Internet's routing table 
@ also has too many routes in it. You can trade off one of these to help 
@ the other. As I see your plan, we give up a lot of IPv4 address space and 
@ get no guarantees (or even reasons to believe) that the routing situation 
@ will get any better. In fact, I worry that the registry with the most 
@ 'generous' policy will use up its /8 real quick, littering the 'Net with 
@ /18's which providers will (initially) not filter. Then when the mess is 
@ discovered and filters go in place, we'll have given out lots of address 
@ space that will not route.
@ really show some relevance to ARIN, not other mythical registries. Thanks.

Please check to see what ARIN is about...

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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