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 Jim Fleming <JimFleming at> writes:
 * The ARIN discussion is supposed to be about ARIN...
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 * American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

We know what ARIN stands for Jim;-)

I work for the RIPE NCC, not RIPE, I am interested in the ARIN
development.  However I do not represent RIPE or the RIPE NCC on this
list. If I were in the posistion, which I am not, to make official
representation I would clearly state that.

We register addresses allocated by IANA, which is based in the US. I
see this as the organisation that distributes on a global scale, not
particularly as a US registry, that is the InterNIC and if the proposal
goes through will be ARIN.

Anybody who wishes to read about RIPE or the RIPE NCC is welcome to
have a look at our website. the URL has been mentioned here many a time
but as you seem to have forgotten, it it is; 

The website and our document store do not contain material
directly concerning ARIN. If you want to know about similar
registries though it is a good place to start.

John Crain

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 * As a representative of RIPE[1], your views are very important.
 * You might want to direct people to the lists that serve RIPE.
 * RIPE is the European Registry that earns fees for delegating
 * parts of the IP address space obtained from the U.S.
 * Is that correct ?
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