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NSF Returning to DNS Management

On Friday, February 28, 1997 2:45 AM, Bryant Durrell[SMTP:durrell at] wrote:
@ An article in the San Jose Merc this morning reports that the NSF
@ Inspector General, Linda Sundro, may have written a report that
@ proposes that the NSF take over administration of Internet domain
@ names and return the profits to the US Treasury.  The reporter was
@ unable to get confirmation from the IG's office.
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The report is supposedly on the Director Neal Lane's desk.

He is required to make a formal response.

You have to file an FOIA request to obtain a copy.

Here is some background material for people that may
have missed this....


The United States of America is a great nation that has been one of the
primary leaders in the development of information technology. The Internet
is largely derived from government funded projects and without the security,
stability, and staying power of the U.S. Government, the large number of
Internet users around the world would not be jumping on board the Information

Many people and companies have placed trust in the U.S. Government. The
U.S. Government places trust in God. (According to the back of a one dollar bill).
Despite the fact that many people on the Internet place trust in the IANA, the
IETF, the IAHC, the IAB, the IESG and other I* organizations, the fact remains
that the U.S. Government backs theFrom owner-naipr at  Fri Feb 28 12:04:41 1997
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 Jim Fleming <JimFleming at> writes:
 * Could you replace the word "give" with....
 * 	"place under management"

O.K. replace the word give with place under management...

Now please answer the questions concerning where all the addresses
will come from for everybody to "manage". Not just the USA.

Kind regards,

John Crain