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50 States of ARIN

On Friday, February 28, 1997 5:35 AM, David Schwartz[SMTP:davids at] wrote:
@ On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, John LeRoy Crain wrote:
@ > Your idea suggests giving a fifth of IPv4 address space to the USA.
@ 	Actually, that's incorrect. His idea suggests giving a fifth of
@ IPv4 to REGISTRIES in the USA to allocate to whomever their policies
@ state.  Since the majority of the unallocated useful IPv4 space is in
@ IANA's hands right now (212/8-223/8 and 64/8-126/8, I believe), and IANA
@ is in the USA, what is he proposing to change? 

The change is that each State will be able to lease blocks
from the space. This can bring the state tens of millions of dollars
each year in "found money". The State does not have to vote
in casinos to do this or build a theme park. All they have to
do is set up some offices, some servers, and get people working.

The InterNIC has been a model they can follow. The original
InterNIC plan called for THREE companies to cooperate.
The work was divided into IS, DS, and RS. I suggest that
everyone in this ARIN discussion study those plans in detail.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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