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50 States of ARIN

 Jim Fleming <JimFleming at> writes:
 * Can ARIN discussion list members comment on using
 * to for 50 clones of the InterNIC
 * to allocate /18 blocks to ISPs in the United States ?


I think you mean 50 * /8?

Your idea suggests giving a fifth of IPv4 address space to the USA.
This on top of the addresses already used in the USA. Could you please tell
me which section of IPv4 you would then give to each other individual
country in the world? I think most countries will be happy with just one /8
instead of 50. I think Russia would need much more, China maybe one /8 per 
province?  Where are they going to come from, which range? 

Are there less than 206 other countries? My geography isn't that good:-)

Are you going to explain to the present users why they must give the
addresses they use to a country?

Maybe this is possible with IPv8 (IPvJim:-), with IPv4 I think it isn't

Kind regards,

John Crain
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