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the "Internet's Vietnam"

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Dear Mr. Browing,

This list is a discussion about ARIN. If you are not aware, ARIN
has a lot to do with shaping Internet Governance. There are other
lists that also apply because Internet Governance is a broad topic.

The people that have proposed to create ARIN are using U.S.
Government resources to promote their cause. As long as they
do this, I feel that the U.S. Constitution prevails.

Thanks for your comments.

Jim Fleming

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@ Subject:  the "Internet's Vietnam"
@ Once again, it concerns me that some people may
@ be rather new to this process which began to gain
@ momentum in October of 1995, shortly after the
@ InterNIC started charging and people realized that
@ it was not a hoax, or joke.
@ You are all watching over 16 months, of almost full-time
@ work for some people, come to a very peaceful ending.
@ Please try to put that in context as you draw your
@ conclusions. Please try to be nice.
@ If there are any winners in this, they are the people
@ of the Internet that do not know this work is being
@ done, to make their lives better. Some day people
@ might look back and review the documents and
@ the full history. It has been a human drama that
@ should probably not be repeated.
@ As someone said, it is the "Internet's Vietnam".
@ People felt they had to destroy villages to save
@ them. For some it did not make sense, for others
@ it did. The only good that remains, is over.
@ It is both a sad drama and a happy drama because,
@ in the end, people's ability to let common sense
@ triumph over "petty" control issues took too long.
@ Thanks for your time...
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