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This makes the most sense since I've started 
reading this list.

Which brings us to this question:

What is an IP address really worth?

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I can see paying the FCC for this number.
I can see paying the Patent  and/or 
Post offices for (and .web)

But is this all an attempt to get the routings to kind of 
be like zipcodes? And arranged so that you can look at
an IP and with 99% accuracy know where the machine is?
(I can with 66% accuracy now. and I get better with practice)

But will we then have "big market" and "small market" IP addresses.
Kinda like sports franchises?
Or will it be more like cable TV?

I will see how Minnesota reacts to having control of the *.*
IP adresses. I'd bet my bottom dollar they want 5 million IP's
just for the individual citizenry. We have a 2.4 billion state surplus.
Maybe we can use some of it to protect ourselves on the "info highway".
And will the routing table be sequential or random numbers?

Thanks for getting to the heart of the matter. It makes it look
more like an accounting chore. Which it really is, anyway.

Carol Anne Cypherpunk

At 05:40 PM 2/27/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Evidently, the FCC is considering taking on the
>IP address management function.
>Can someone from ARIN confirm whether the
>reason to split IP management from domain
>management is to move IPs to the FCC and
>domains to the PTO or the USPS ?
>This would allow the NSF to exit...
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