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the "Internet's Vietnam"


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From:  Jim Fleming[SMTP:JimFleming at]
Sent:  Thursday, February 27, 1997 6:09 PM
To:  'naipr at'
Subject:  the "Internet's Vietnam"

Once again, it concerns me that some people may
be rather new to this process which began to gain
momentum in October of 1995, shortly after the
InterNIC started charging and people realized that
it was not a hoax, or joke.

You are all watching over 16 months, of almost full-time
work for some people, come to a very peaceful ending.

Please try to put that in context as you draw your
conclusions. Please try to be nice.

If there are any winners in this, they are the people
of the Internet that do not know this work is being
done, to make their lives better. Some day people
might look back and review the documents and
the full history. It has been a human drama that
should probably not be repeated.

As someone said, it is the "Internet's Vietnam".
People felt they had to destroy villages to save
them. For some it did not make sense, for others
it did. The only good that remains, is over.

It is both a sad drama and a happy drama because,
in the end, people's ability to let common sense
triumph over "petty" control issues took too long.

Thanks for your time...

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

JimFleming at
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