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IP addresses and domain names

Jim writes:
> If IP address registry issues are so different from domain name
> registry issues, how can people on the following list sponsored
> by the InterNIC possibly deal with the confusion of having them
> together ?
> @@@@
> List Description: 
> This email list is a forum for the InterNIC registries concerning
> IP and DNS registration and allocation issues policies and procedures. 

As your quote says, it has to do with the InterNIC registries, which were
created based on the understanding of the NSF in the early part of this
decade, an enternity in this evolving cyberspace we live in.

The world model that has developed shows domain registries run by wide
varieties of organizations (witness the national registries and the
US domain registries, for example). And, then there is RIPE and APNIC. They
don't do domain registration. As far as I know, even the InterNIC has totally
different groups internally managing these functions. I hope someone from
InterNIC will correct me if I am wrong about this.

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