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At 10:33 AM 2/26/97 -0600, Jim Fleming wrote:
>Here is the simple solution that I have proposed
>which encompasses ARIN and other TLD issues.
>I welcome comments, flames, whatever you call
>people's postings.

ARIn and TLD issues ARE spearate issues, whether you want them to be or
not.  For example, I personally care very little about naming issues and
naming schemes.  90% of my work day is spent dealing with IP issues, and
the other 10% is using mailing lists and web browsers and the like, using
the DNS system.  I do not CARE how many TLD's are formed aside from the
added complexity that is going to be caused in my life.  The number of
TLD's formed has very little operational impact on the technical side of an
ISP.  The way IP's are allocated has a HUGE impact on how technical
operations are run at an ISP.  The TLD issues are mainly a business issue,
and are mainly of interest to the business types.  IP allocations are
mainly a technical issue, and mainly of interest to technical types.  If
you want a longer definition of the differences I will mail you privately
as most of the people on this list already understand the issues and I
don't want to waste their time anymore than we already have.

>I do not think it is appropriate to tell people to
>shut up...or threaten to remove people from the list...

I believe that it IS appropriate to tell people to shut up or to remove
them from the list when the signal to noise ratio of their posts is low.
There is some real work that needs to be done on this, and many other
lists, muddling the issues with massive crossposts and postings of off
topic and often irrelevant material is disruptive.  Disruptive peoplle
should be removed from the environment so that work can be done.

>Folks, there is a simple solution to many of these
>problems. This solution has been refined from months
>and months of debates. I welcome people's comments
>on this solution:
>1. Keep the InterNIC prototype in place until September 1998
>	when the U.S. Government's Cooperative Agreement
>	ends with AT&T and NSI who are the remaining two
>	companies that form what is called the InterNIC.

Am I to take this to mean that you are against splitting off IP allocation
to a non-profit org which has more direct input from the ISPs that it
serves?  Its a valid opinion, but if that is your opinion, it changes the
tone of some of your other postings (There is a difference between being
for something in theory, but against the actual implementation, and being
against the idea as a whole).

>2. Allow companies to clone the InterNIC with the following
>	Internet resources:
>		1. 3 Top Level Domain Names
>		2. One /8 IP Address Space

When they allocate that /8 do they get another one, or is it a once and
done opportunity?

>3. Encourage this cloning via forty-nine $250,000 grants from the
>	National Science Foundation which would come
>	from the Internet Infrastructure fund which has over
>	$12,000,000 for this type of purpose.

Can you submit a list of 49 individuals other than those involved in ARIN
who are capable of running such a registry?  (From the IETF working groups
I have been involved with I do not believe that there is a pool much larger
than 49 people in the US who fully understand the issues involved, and most
of them would much rather be doing what they are doing now than run a

>6. These 50 InterNICs then help to coordinate a world collection
>	of Root Name Server confederations to provide world-wide
>	stability to the entire Internet.

Who coordinates this coordination?  If these registries are competing, what
incentive do they have to spend their time working together?  We can go on
and on.

>Thank you for your time....
>Jim Fleming
>Unir Corporation
>JimFleming at
>JimFleming at unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)
>Jim Fleming
>Unir Corporation
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>JimFleming at unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)

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