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FW: Simple Solution - Part 2.

For the ARIN list, note the reference to ARIN below.

Hopefully, this will help explain other comments
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Subject: 	Simple Solution - Part 2.

People had some good questions regarding the
Simple Solution I posted.


The simple version of the simple solution is...

1. Keep the InterNIC prototype in place until September 1998
2. Allow companies to clone the InterNIC with:
	3 Top Level Domains
	One /8 IPv4 Space to manage (ala ARIN -
3. Encourage this cloning via forty-nine $250,000 NSF grants
4. Allocate one grant to each state and encourage a three
	company cooperative arrangement with ALL three
	companies sharing the revenue.

	IS - Information Services - Management including PR and education
	DS - Data Base Services - Servers and Infrastructure
	RS - Registration Services - Telephone support, billing, etc.

5. The NSF bows out in September 1998, the proud parent of 50 NICs
6. The world can copy, clone, study, any or all of these NICs

As for the State of Virginia....their structure is....
	IS - Operational - Network Solutions, Inc.
	DS - Operational - AT&T
	RS - Operational - Network Solutions, Inc.

For States with TLD registries that are already operational
I would suggest those states build from that base....

Here are some examples operational, I mean
that there are known companies who are already operational
in each area and can scale to handle the volume.

California - .WEB, .AUTO, ???
	IS - Operational
	DS - ???
	RS - Operational

Illinois - .BIZ, .CORP, .MALL
	IS - Operational
	DS - Operational
	RS - Operational

Michigan - .EARTH, .USA, ???
	IS - ???
	DS - ???
	RS - Operational

Washington - .NIC, .XXX, ???
	IS - ???
	DS - ???
	RS - Operational

etc., etc., etc.

Why the IAHC has not studied the systems that are in
place and operational is beyond me. I would have thought
that people join a committee the first thing they do is
study prior art. This is especially true of lawyers.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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