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On Wednesday, February 26, 1997 1:37 PM, Jerry Scharf[SMTP:scharf at VIX.COM] wrote:
@ jims at CYBERPARK.COM said:
@ > I believe in creating a registry for each state. However, I don't 
@ > agree with the process mentioned below of letting the Senator's and 
@ > Governor's decide who will  handle the tasks. The less the government 
@ > is involved the better. Exactly how the companies are decided, well 
@ > that could be opened for discussion. The idea of having political 
@ > figures decide leads me to believe special interest would soon take 
@ > control of a number states, which in turn could harm the entire 
@ > process. That is just my opinion.
@ Ask the people who did the state by state DNS stuff under .us what their 
@ successes and problems were before you wish that on an IP registry. I don't 
@ think the state zone management would be considered an unqualified success by 
@ anyone. I know Bill Manning has some strong opinions born out of running .us.

Oh...please do not get me started...

@ I think is is fair to say that getting people who know how to do the job is 
@ more important than the number of registries. How would you grade people's 
@ ability to run a registry to qualify them?

I would start with the people who have already made
significant progress on the other aspects of the InterNIC.
That focus has been mostly on domain name registrations.

I would look for people with a combination of registry
experience in many areas.

You might be surprised that when serious plans are
made, only serious people thing I learned
in the TLD registry debates was that people would step
forward and say, I would like to do that, rather than
flame was better to say, OK...and then
educate them....some survived and some did not...

I know one young person who has survived a lot
in California...:-)...and he is still there and growing...

I know another one that has survived a lot in Seattle
and he is still alive and surviving...:-)

I know another, and another, and another...

I believe they are all ready to eat the InterNIC's lunch...!!!

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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