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	The simplest solution to this is to allow each registry to set 
its policies as far as whose allocations is will accept. Those registries 
that can solve these regional problems will get the most business.

	I'm sure that if, for example, an explosion shut APNIC down, RIPE 
and InterNIC would start allocating to those who normally deal with APNIC 
until APNIC could resume operations.

	Regional registries are a management convenience, not a network
convenience. One registry per backbone would be a network convenience. <G>


On Wed, 26 Feb 1997 Valdis.Kletnieks at VT.EDU wrote:

> As a (probably  not unreasonable case)  what happens to a company that
> has  its main  corporate offices in  Boston,  but maintains  a POP  in
> Detroit and  NYC, but does most  of its packet interchange at MAE-East
> in  Maryland?  Which state(s)  do they  ask  for allocations, and what
> happens  if  they ask in Maryland,   and  need more  allocation due to
> growth  in their   Detroit  operation?   The  Maryland  registry  will
> probably be upset at having  "their" allocation hijacked, much as RIPE
> propably would be unhappy at giving out address space for a US company
> to use in the US....